Shop worker praises female police officer stabbed while tackling knife-wielding suspects


A shop worker today praised the actions of a female police officer who was stabbed tackling two knife-wielding robbery suspects.

The man, 35, said two teenagers stormed in Pimlico Grocery, in Westminster, at around 3.30pm yesterday waving blades at him and shouting ‘give us the money!’

He locked them inside and dialled 999 but the pair smashed through a glass door to escape and were spotted by two passing police officers. When challenged, one knifed the policewoman in the stomach.

Despite the injury, she continued to chase the suspects along Chapter Street to Vauxhall Bridge Road where they were detained.

The shop worker told the Standard today: “Two quite young boys came in and pulled out big knives shouting, ‘Give us the money’.

“My instinct kicked in and I refused. I locked them in. They were threatening me but I wasn’t going to give in.

“It’s not my shop but I was not just going to hand over the money. They then broke the glass of the door and got out.

“Some passing police officers, two men and a woman I think, chased them and one got stabbed. Thank you to the police for their actions.”

He said the second shop worker suffered minor injuries to his hand from glass.

He added: “I was not scared really. They were young. I was confident I could take them on. The police did a good job and it was lucky they were passing.”

The officer was taken to hospital for treatment, but was discharged and is recovering at home.

Chief Inspector Simon Brooker said: “This shows precisely the kind of danger officers face every single day as they work to keep the public safe.”

Two suspects were today being questioned by police.